Surrealist Poetry? Dali meets Milligan via McKee

Burning Giraffe


Yesterday, I was in a Modernist Gallery in Oxford, viewing a selection of Salvador Dali’s surreal sketches.  I love his work.  One, which I cannot find online yet, was of a bishop throwing a flaming Giraffe from a tower.  I would have liked to have bought it, but only have the bus fare at the moment!

Anyway, some of you will know that I Am the Banana Poet – I write poetry (doggerel usually) on my partner’s banana daily… a delight for her lunch-box and a constant challenge to my creativity.

Today, I was inspired to fuse Spike Milligan’s almost surrealist style with the sketch by Dali that had clearly captured my imagination.

Here is the result:

A Flaming Giraffe

(Just for a laugh)

Was thrown from a tower by the Clergy;

But I think you will find

The Giraffe didn’t mind

‘Cos he’d given the Bishop the lurgy.


A Flaming Giraffe Banana


Guest Poet: Portia Nelson

Portia Nelson’s “Autobiography” is one of my all-time favourite poems.
I didn’t realise she’s no longer with us, so this homage is to say, “Thank You!” for being such a blessing to me.
I’ve changed the language slightly for a British audience – the copyright of the words remains with Portia’s estate.

Poles Apart

Dove Bathes in Light

My light

Is a fragile light;

A candle flame

That may be easily gutted or is it guttered?

I don’t know…

Yet, still, by the soft warmth of

Your breath,

Inspired to a greater glow.


My heart

Is a heart of ice,

Behind shutters of bullet proof steel.

My protective shield

May be raised in an instant

And will remain constant;

I am imprisoned here

In this darkeness

Until I see

Your smile.

A Rose – My Brave Rose

My Rose My Brave Rose

After committing to the picture, I thought, I might add a line… so I had to redo the picture – a nice development.

My Rose
My Brave Rose
Salutes the Sun
And shuns the frost’s first kiss.
She declares…
…They will not be lovers.

The barren wall
Is her suitor
A calmer suitor cannot be found
In all Christendom.
He is her rock – her fortress
And basks in her beauty
As she basks in his reflected warmth…

And so
They are Sympatico