Poem: Who’s That Guru?

1. Who’s that Guru

Sitting next to you?

The One you ignore each day?

That One with wisdom

Glistening upon their lips

But you never listen

To what they say…

2. Today’s the day

To open your heart

To open your soul and mind;

To look far deeper

Than what you see

And be amazed at what you’ll find.

3. For this “no-one” is your teacher,

The very Oracle of God;

Don’t worry that they

Don’t look cool

Or that they often

Seem quite odd.

4. Be humble, shut your Ego up,

And respectfully draw near:

For when the student is truly ready

Their Teacher does appear!


I wrote this because I so often hear people get excited about what some stranger tells them… and I recognise that someone close to them has been saying exactly the same thing to them for years!  These people have looked for a guru when in fact a better guru has been sitting next to them in the office, around the breakfast table, or on the bus, for ages.
Believe me, I’ve worked with some amazing gurus, but up close they are just like me and you – often less “together” in fact.  And I have met some very outwardly “plain” people who have more wisdom in their little finger and more compassion in their little toe than the best-dressed celebrity gurus and preachers I’ve seen or heard on the platform or the TV.
Today, there will be a mysterious guru in your life – forget the Advent calendar, and see if you can find the guru!


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