Poem: I am in love

I am in love

With a woman

I have not yet met.

Our connection

Will not be in her kiss

But in her voice behind the kiss;

Our joining

Will not be in her physique

But in the sensitivity of her physical touch;

Our union

Will not come from the way she looks

But it will be

In her eyes.


Poem: January Journey (from Dorking to London)

Row upon row of empty, desolate vines

Like War Graves;

A Mole swallowed by a python

Snaking destructively through the cleavage of Dorking’s sodden hills;

Brave and noble, Ancient Trees


Beside the dismembered limbs,

Torn and severed

Of many a young comrade.

And Yet

Catkins like Christmas decorations

Pussy Willow fluffed up with joyous anticipation of Spring’s first kisses;

A soft smile from a child on her way to Nursery

Safely nestled in Mother’s arms;

A sweet, “Thank You!” unbidden from another

As I politely stand aside:

Good manners are delightful!

And, the icing – a gracious exchange of

Genuine “Good Morning!” from the perfect stranger

On her way to Friends…

Not all bad then

But surely the snows must follow?

Poem: Stardust’s Declaration

From Stardust and the Breath of God I am made;

And to dust my body will return;

But now is the time for me to shine,

Like the star I am, and burn gloriously, burn.

Love lavished upon love

Light radiating upon light;

Broadcasting “Peace” to all I meet;

As I banish all that’s night.

The Sleeper has awakened

The Kingdom’s time is now

Passion with actions congruent

As my life reveals the how.

My body is a temple

Of my spirit sure within

And all that is not of God

Is banished at my skin.

Sickness and disease

Cannot enter into these courts;

My sanctuary is sacred,

Renewed through healing thoughts.

Releasing words that match my mediation

Through them all good sustained;

As all that would harm passes away

God-within-me shall remain.

I am a star, I am God’s breath

‘Tis time to rise and shine

And with this life, I fear not death

For the spark within’s Divine.