Poem: I Am A Church

Stained Glass Windows at Church of St Simon and St Jude (1)

I Am A Church

My Body is a Church;
My Eyes are Stained Glass,
Etched with Experience,
Coloured by My Past.

They change the way
I perceive the World,
Spied throughout each pane;
I see inside-out with mindsight
Thus my prejudices remain.

Every breath is like my spirit’s prayer,
Every word I say I preach
But sometimes my duplicitous message
Betrays a darker gospel lying deep beneath.

For from My Crypt
A stench arises:
Unresolved conflicts from
Life’s unpleasant surprises.

More bitter than
The taste of Myrrh,
I should blame myself
But I blame her.

Forgiveness could
Lift up my eyes
To whence my help comes from
But I prefer the warmth of lies:
The dark deceiver’s song.

Yet friendship enters
Through my porch
And laughter lights my prison
Loves light brings clarity like a torch
And changes old, poor decisions.

There’s always hope,
There’s alway faith,
There’s always love remaining;
So this poor sinner
Changes his ways –
Casts the burden of life’s straining.

I say, “Yes!” to peace
I say, “Yes!” to rest
And I lay my old yoke down;
With lightness of fresh found freedom
I don a new and glorious crown.

Now each step I take is Service
From Daybreak’s dawn to Eve’s sweet end
Each fast I break – a Communion
With much beloved friends.


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