Poem: I Am Biguous

The Poem of a BiPolar Soul in Torment, or

I Am (Biguous)

I Am Love
I Am Hate
I Am Your Nemesis
I Am Your Best Mate

I Am Darkness
I Am Light
I Am Forgiveness
I Am Spite

I Am Noble
I Am Ashamed
I Am Not Guilty
I Am Blamed

I Am Fearful
I Am Bold
I Am Open-hearted
I Am Cold

I Am a Blessing
I Am a Curse
I Am for Better
I Am for Worse

I Am Single-minded
I Am Easy-to-Distract
I Am in Love with Fiction
I Am Confused, in Fact!

I Am really Confused
I Am often Bemused
I’m sometimes Amused
I Am without a clue.

I Am the Truth
I Am a Lie
I don’t know whether I’m coming or going
But at least you can now see why!!


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