I Am A Christian/Am I A Christian?

I Am a Christian

But many of my most heart-felt prayers

Go unanswered…

I Am in a relationship with God

But I do not hear

God’s Voice…

Since God is not dumb

I must be deaf

To such sounds,

To such wonders…

I do not see


I Am a Christian

But my shadow

Brings no healing;

There is no tongue of fire

Upon my head;

My touch brings forth

No miracles;

On my lips

No prophecy;

My words command

No deliverance,

No storms to still

If I Am

The deaf, dumb, blind

Impotent follower of Christ today

Why should you listen to my message?

An answer:

I believe Jesus is

Who He says He is

Perhaps then

I Am not

Who I think

I Am.


I must be Born Again,



I Am


A Christian.