Dawn’s Cupcake Day – April 3rd

I have a very special friend called “Dawn” who knows me rather well.

She knows that I love cards and thoughtfulness.

So look what she made me:

Cupcake Day

Of course, I loved the opportunity to respond in a poem:

It’s Dawn’s Cupcake Day


It’s Dawn’s Cupcake Day

On April the Third

(I don’t know if you’d seen or heard?)


I’m a sparkly Lemon Cupcake

What type are you?

Not just any old type will do!


Some will be strawberry

Some will be iced in pink

Some will be chocolate

It really makes you think!


Choc-chips and walnuts

Banana and Toffee

Hundreds and Thousands

Or Orange and Coffee?


Whichever Cupcake

You choose to be

Know that you’ll always

Be Special to me!


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