Poem: Negotiation with the Voices in My Head

A Negotiation

With the Voices in My Head

As I lay here

Wide Awake

In bed.


“Hey Voices, we’ve got 4 hours ‘til I must arise…

“While I resolutely close my eyes,

“Would you all kindly go back to sleep?”

“No!” they say.

Why am I not surprised?


“Hey Party Crowd in my head,

“I’ve got 3 hours ‘til I must leave this bed;

“Would you quieten down so I can sleep?”

“No!” they cry… as the seconds slowly creep.


“Hey Noisy Bunch, you’re such a pest,

“There’s just 2 hours left for me to rest;

“Would you be silent and let me snore?”

“No!” They shout, “You’ll sleep no more!”


Then, with just an hour to go…

“Hey Rowdy Rabble, who drives this bus?”

“Well, it can’t be you, it must be us!

“You have no power over your thoughts

“So we’ll keep you away from the rest you’ve sought!”


With ten minutes to go…

“Hey inconsiderate tenants in my attic

“It sounds as if you’re no longer at it.”

“Shhhh!” they say, “We’re settled down

“Turn out the lights…

“Get out of town!”


I am alarmed.


Poem: From Another Place

Another Place


I’m sure I come from another place…

Where money’s not important

Nor the colour of your face.

I think I’ll drive at a different pace…

70mph is quite enough

I’ve no need to join this race.

I believe I’m from another faith…

With brothers and sisters equal

Full of love and grace.

And, of course, I am from another time…

When to pause and do precisely nothing

Was a virtue, not a crime.

Poem: Matter Over Mind

Matter over mind?

Or mind over matter?

I am energised by the first,

I am enervated by the latter!

All this thinking wears my insides out

The joy of thought grows thin,

I think I’ll try another way

And let the outside in.


A body of knowledge

Can trump and lift the soul

Breaking despair’s spell

And making us more whole…

Well, at least with the body’s help

The journey can begin

To triumph over darker moods

And let some sunshine in.


Assume the position:

Lift up your hands,

Lift up your chin and eyes;

Let the body lead

Where the soul should follow:

Prepare to be surprised!

For the mind’s rehearsed

Each gesture’s meaning

It interprets your body’s speech;

So if you move

As if you’re joyful

That joy‘s within your reach.


Your soma remembers the golden times

Your muscles recall the story

So when you mirror that mnemonic posture

Your mind will return to glory!





Poet’s Note.

I’ve taught for years that changing one’s physical position necessarily transforms one’s mental ‘position’.  This is irresistible since other neural pathways are automatically triggered when we change our body language.  More than this, though, there is a body of teaching that encourages us to act ‘as if’.  Today I saw that in terms of a kinaethetic memory.  Mind and body are one system.  If you feel low, your body knows what that should look like and so it assumes the correct stance!  Changing your stance (physically) works the other way too, matter over mind, where you will change your mental stance in the metamorphic mirror of the dance of mind and matter.

Poem: On The Gravity of Sleep

There is a definite

Gravity to Sleep:

I close my eyes,

As if heavy,

And I fall




But Gravity

Can flow both ways:

The weight of worry

Lifts each day

As I ascend

To scenes surreal,

Some nightmarish,

And a few ideal.


I’m often able

To dreamily trace

The associations

I have to face;

The source

Of inspiration

Sometimes clear

Revealed as each

Event appears.


But other links

Lack such connection

As they prophecy

A future direction;

Then I’m tempted

To believe in God,

These future memories

Seem that odd!