Intro Version One (A Poem)

Intro Version One


Permit me

To introduce my self:

I Am


I simply cannot be


You’ll have to look deep inside

To where the real me resides.


My outward form

Is not the norm;

I adapt and change,

A Chameleon

To survive in your world

Or just to cope and “get on”.


Your outside noise

And stimuli

Are simply overwhelming

For me.

I must preserve

Some inner space

Where I can recharge,

Think at my own pace.


Those I trust

I allow within

The walls I’ve build

To keep me sane.

You may visit,


And understanding


Chat for a while,

Perhaps “stay for tea”.


Kindly, please leave again.

But I will stay

I will remain…

…an Introvert.

For that’s my name.