The Fashionable Fox Who Fancied The Fall


The Fashionable Fox,
He fancied the Fall
For he loved the new outfits
For short beasts and tall.


Sweaters for squirrels

And boots for the bear

Everyone had something

Exciting to wear!


Bonnets for bunnies

And hats for the hares

Come rain, wind or sunshine

All were prepared!


But wait just a minute

Who have we missed?

Mr Fashionable Fox

Is not on his list!


He was thinking of others

And not of himself

And so his new outfit

Waits still on the shelf.


Come on, say bunnies

Quick quick say hares

We must find Foxy

Something foxy to wear!


With Autumnal yellows

And rich chocolate browns

The Fashionable Fox

Will be the best dressed in town.


Add orange and ochre

And russety reds

We’ll finish his outfit

With a hat for his head!


The Fox was delighted

And danced with great glee

He hugged all his new friends

Then had them for tea.

Art by Stella


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