Blank Page – a poem about courage

A beginning has boldness

To face up to the tyranny of the blank page

And not be afraid.

Then to dash headlong with the flow

Into the unknown where the Muse has gone ahead

To prepare a place for your thoughts to rest

In peace

Written in Thomas Hardy’s Study, Max Gate, Near Dorchester, Dorset.

At a desk overlooking the garden he delighted in.

23rd April, 2016.


Thwarted – a poem

After another terrible night of mental chatter I seemingly have no control over, I penned these lines to the fanatic in my attic.
A Poem Called “Thwarted”
If my will, will not be done
My co-operation cannot be won.
If I don’t get the sleep I so desperately require,
You cannot have the support you so casually desire.
Quid pro quo? No?
Well then, off you [insert your own expletive] go!
There’s some nutter in my head that is not me.
When will I be free?