Poem: Alone



I stood

At the Edge.

Alone, I stood at the edge of the cliff top at Kimmeridge

Foot shod

And I looked down.

I knew that to dive off this cliff

Head first

Would be to end

This curse of consciousness.



I paddled

At the Edge.

Alone, I paddled at the edge of the surf at Boscombe


And I looked down.

I knew that to dive into this ocean

Heart first

Would be to celebrate

This gift of consciousness.

I loved Kimmeridge

But Boscombe was better.

And Tomorrow…


Thwarted – a poem

After another terrible night of mental chatter I seemingly have no control over, I penned these lines to the fanatic in my attic.
A Poem Called “Thwarted”
If my will, will not be done
My co-operation cannot be won.
If I don’t get the sleep I so desperately require,
You cannot have the support you so casually desire.
Quid pro quo? No?
Well then, off you [insert your own expletive] go!
There’s some nutter in my head that is not me.
When will I be free?

Poem: I Am Biguous

The Poem of a BiPolar Soul in Torment, or

I Am (Biguous)

I Am Love
I Am Hate
I Am Your Nemesis
I Am Your Best Mate

I Am Darkness
I Am Light
I Am Forgiveness
I Am Spite

I Am Noble
I Am Ashamed
I Am Not Guilty
I Am Blamed

I Am Fearful
I Am Bold
I Am Open-hearted
I Am Cold

I Am a Blessing
I Am a Curse
I Am for Better
I Am for Worse

I Am Single-minded
I Am Easy-to-Distract
I Am in Love with Fiction
I Am Confused, in Fact!

I Am really Confused
I Am often Bemused
I’m sometimes Amused
I Am without a clue.

I Am the Truth
I Am a Lie
I don’t know whether I’m coming or going
But at least you can now see why!!

Poles Apart

Dove Bathes in Light

My light

Is a fragile light;

A candle flame

That may be easily gutted or is it guttered?

I don’t know…

Yet, still, by the soft warmth of

Your breath,

Inspired to a greater glow.


My heart

Is a heart of ice,

Behind shutters of bullet proof steel.

My protective shield

May be raised in an instant

And will remain constant;

I am imprisoned here

In this darkeness

Until I see

Your smile.