What Was Jesus Thinking?

I went the extra mile for you…

You didn’t say, “Thank You!”

And at the end of our journey


You were richer

I was the poorer…

What was Jesus thinking?

I turned the other cheek…

And you hit me again.

My lip is bleeding

And my heart is bruised;

What was Jesus thinking?

Then I realised that Jesus

Didn’t ask me to go the extra mile for you

I realised that Jesus

Didn’t ask me to turn the other cheek for you

He did it for my sake

He did everything for my sake

Going the extra mile is good for me

Turning the other cheek is good for me

Forgiving you is good for me

Just as Jesus did for me.

But you, well, you need help.


Poem: Stardust’s Declaration

From Stardust and the Breath of God I am made;

And to dust my body will return;

But now is the time for me to shine,

Like the star I am, and burn gloriously, burn.

Love lavished upon love

Light radiating upon light;

Broadcasting “Peace” to all I meet;

As I banish all that’s night.

The Sleeper has awakened

The Kingdom’s time is now

Passion with actions congruent

As my life reveals the how.

My body is a temple

Of my spirit sure within

And all that is not of God

Is banished at my skin.

Sickness and disease

Cannot enter into these courts;

My sanctuary is sacred,

Renewed through healing thoughts.

Releasing words that match my mediation

Through them all good sustained;

As all that would harm passes away

God-within-me shall remain.

I am a star, I am God’s breath

‘Tis time to rise and shine

And with this life, I fear not death

For the spark within’s Divine.