OHP – a poem about light


O… H… P…
[Three letters that mean so much to me]
[But only if you’re of a certain age]
[Will you remember they were all the rage!]

The “Overhead Projector” –
A box of light to clarify conjecture.
Whether Geography, Biology, Maths or Art,
This tool was used to light impart
To prepubescent pupils with darkened minds
Seeking knowledge and truth to find.
“Let there be light!” the teacher cried,
“Shut the curtains, it’s too bright outside!”
And flipping the switch, the fan engaged,
Learning leapt to life in this modern, high tech way!


The Fashionable Fox Who Fancied The Fall


The Fashionable Fox,
He fancied the Fall
For he loved the new outfits
For short beasts and tall.


Sweaters for squirrels

And boots for the bear

Everyone had something

Exciting to wear!


Bonnets for bunnies

And hats for the hares

Come rain, wind or sunshine

All were prepared!


But wait just a minute

Who have we missed?

Mr Fashionable Fox

Is not on his list!


He was thinking of others

And not of himself

And so his new outfit

Waits still on the shelf.


Come on, say bunnies

Quick quick say hares

We must find Foxy

Something foxy to wear!


With Autumnal yellows

And rich chocolate browns

The Fashionable Fox

Will be the best dressed in town.


Add orange and ochre

And russety reds

We’ll finish his outfit

With a hat for his head!


The Fox was delighted

And danced with great glee

He hugged all his new friends

Then had them for tea.

Art by Stella

L’excercise per annum

Joined a Gym in January;

Fought the Flab in February;

Managed more Mindfulness in March;

Attitude Adjustment in April;

More Mindfulness in May as My Memory… erm;

Jogged dutifully  in June;

Jumped Joyously all July;

Added Additional Attitudinal Adjustments in August… on the Beach;

Sought Solace in Silence in September;

Ought to do more in October, but didn’t;

Not much in November;

Decided in December to do more… in January!

In Short Supply, Day and Knight

One should always buff one’s armour,

If one seeks to be a Charmer,

For Maidens in distress are two a penny;

And when these lovely ladies

Desire rescue from maladies

They look around for knights but can’t find any!


The brave knight must thus be ready

When the ladies get all heady

And threaten to exit stage left with a swoon.

With your arms wide, just be dashing

To the catch the maiden who is crashing;

For her gratitude will embrace you oh so soon!


Occupy the Octopi – a poem

I love to sit and occupy

My many friends, the Octopi.

Sudoku is their favourite game

Though they love Charades about the same;

Of course with tentacles 1 to 8

The game can go on very late;

A book, a film, a show, a song

The Octopi rejoice to play along;

But never seek to play “I Spy”

With cunning, clever, Octopi.

They’ll catch you out with obscure clues

And shout out, “Suckers!” when you lose.

Of course, the last laugh shall be mine

For “Octopuses” is the plural

I think you’ll find!


There’s A Tissue in the Washing

cat in washing machine

There is tissue in the Washing


It looks like snow on cloth;

I should have checked your pockets

Before I set the damn thing off!

It’s a blizzard on your black fleece

It’s polka dots on ice –

A-decorating your Christmas blouse

{It actually looks quite nice!}

Round and round

The drum did roll,

As if to herald good;

But evil lurks in pockets;

I could have checked – I should!!

The Bullfrog and the Butterfly


My conscious mind

Is a butterfly

It flits from thought to thought

Sometimes it flits when it should be asleep:

There’s a lesson it must be taught.


My bigger mind’s a bullfrog

It sits deep within the dark damp soil

There, it prefers the peace and quiet and still

It spurns the temptation to endless, fruitless toil.


The butterfly thinks this

The butterfly think that

It thinks of things that must be done

Like Christmas Cards and Tax.

It thinks of things at 4am

When the bullfrog thinks, “Be quiet!”

The bullfrog opens wide his mouth,

And smiles,

“I’ll quell its thinking riot!”


“My great long tongue…

…will stop his fun,”

The bullfrog yawns with glee.

And thus the butterfly meets its end

In a bullfrog’s vast tummy.



Or does it?

Now, I have butterflies in my tummy!