Intro Version One (A Poem)

Intro Version One


Permit me

To introduce my self:

I Am


I simply cannot be


You’ll have to look deep inside

To where the real me resides.


My outward form

Is not the norm;

I adapt and change,

A Chameleon

To survive in your world

Or just to cope and “get on”.


Your outside noise

And stimuli

Are simply overwhelming

For me.

I must preserve

Some inner space

Where I can recharge,

Think at my own pace.


Those I trust

I allow within

The walls I’ve build

To keep me sane.

You may visit,


And understanding


Chat for a while,

Perhaps “stay for tea”.


Kindly, please leave again.

But I will stay

I will remain…

…an Introvert.

For that’s my name.






In My Mind

In My Mind




There is a cave


The Lighthouse

In which I live.

I go there

To recharge

The energy expended

When I give.


My cave is warm

My cave is safe

More a sanctuary

Than a tomb;

Cosy, reassuring

It’s like re-entering

The womb.


I emerge from there

As born again,

I emerge from there

A butterfly;

So when I seem

So cold

And distant

Now you know the “Why”.





The Lighthouse loves

To share its light

With strangers far and wide

But few realise

The darkness

That often dwells inside.


The Lighthouse loves

To share its twinkling beam

With friends and family too

But rarely do they see the heart

That pounds with passion –

Fierce and true.

It beats me

Black and blue.


Passions bright

Passions dark

Passions rage

And rend my heart.


But You

You have mended my heart.



The Lighthouse sits

Upon this Rock

Remote. Detached. Alone.

The strangest choice

In which to live

But it’s the place

I call

My home.



In My Mind



I have encountered love.