At Poets’ Corner

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At Poet’s Corner

I am divided,

Betwixt Past and Present,

Still, undecided:

Thomas Hardy?

Or William Barnes?

Or David Caddy

To work his charms?

To whom shall I lend

My imagination for a spell?

At Poets’ Corner

I pause and dwell.

With tea in one hand

And poetry book in the other

I am transported

By my love for

Poetry and tea

Sausage and sagacity!



Poem: In the Garden of My Mind


In The Garden of My Mind

In the Centre

Of the Garden

Of My Mind

A Tree Grows.

Around it

The Children

Of My Thoughts

Dance and Play.

But when

I am cross

And when

I am tired,

I shout…

…And the children

All run away.



Then at last when

Once again

I laugh like the Rain

And smile like the Sun

The Children return

And resume all their Fun.

Welcome Home.