The Silence of the Stars

The Silence of the Stars…

…with just a distant motor car

transforms into

The Clamorous Chorus of the Dawn

The half-moon winks;

Another Day is Born!


No Rail Against Time

Life is like

A one way rail journey

There are many stations

Once one is past

There’s no going back

So learn from it

And move on

Don’t look back

Someone else

Bought your first ticket

And chose your station in life

So remember

It’s OK to get off at a station

And buy a new ticket

To a new destination

The scenery will change

Your fellow passengers will change

You will change

Choose First Class
For it is better to travel well

Than to wait in vain for an upgrade.

Time is the rail




Do not squander it

And remember the final choice:




You are here to pass it on




Find Out

What “It” Is…

The clock is ticking

And you…

…You are a Traveller in Time


Blank Page – a poem about courage

A beginning has boldness

To face up to the tyranny of the blank page

And not be afraid.

Then to dash headlong with the flow

Into the unknown where the Muse has gone ahead

To prepare a place for your thoughts to rest

In peace

Written in Thomas Hardy’s Study, Max Gate, Near Dorchester, Dorset.

At a desk overlooking the garden he delighted in.

23rd April, 2016.

Thwarted – a poem

After another terrible night of mental chatter I seemingly have no control over, I penned these lines to the fanatic in my attic.
A Poem Called “Thwarted”
If my will, will not be done
My co-operation cannot be won.
If I don’t get the sleep I so desperately require,
You cannot have the support you so casually desire.
Quid pro quo? No?
Well then, off you [insert your own expletive] go!
There’s some nutter in my head that is not me.
When will I be free?

OHP – a poem about light


O… H… P…
[Three letters that mean so much to me]
[But only if you’re of a certain age]
[Will you remember they were all the rage!]

The “Overhead Projector” –
A box of light to clarify conjecture.
Whether Geography, Biology, Maths or Art,
This tool was used to light impart
To prepubescent pupils with darkened minds
Seeking knowledge and truth to find.
“Let there be light!” the teacher cried,
“Shut the curtains, it’s too bright outside!”
And flipping the switch, the fan engaged,
Learning leapt to life in this modern, high tech way!

The Fashionable Fox Who Fancied The Fall


The Fashionable Fox,
He fancied the Fall
For he loved the new outfits
For short beasts and tall.


Sweaters for squirrels

And boots for the bear

Everyone had something

Exciting to wear!


Bonnets for bunnies

And hats for the hares

Come rain, wind or sunshine

All were prepared!


But wait just a minute

Who have we missed?

Mr Fashionable Fox

Is not on his list!


He was thinking of others

And not of himself

And so his new outfit

Waits still on the shelf.


Come on, say bunnies

Quick quick say hares

We must find Foxy

Something foxy to wear!


With Autumnal yellows

And rich chocolate browns

The Fashionable Fox

Will be the best dressed in town.


Add orange and ochre

And russety reds

We’ll finish his outfit

With a hat for his head!


The Fox was delighted

And danced with great glee

He hugged all his new friends

Then had them for tea.

Art by Stella