In my moment of need you gave me your gift of words

In my moment of need, you gave me your gift of words.

As I lay at the wayside,





You told me how much our moments together meant to you.

In my hour of need, you covered me with clichés.

As I stood before you naked





You shared with me how our friendship gave you such a lovely warm feeling.

In the time I needed you most, you poured out your wisdom.

I had no money for food

No funds for fuel

Nor hope for the future


You told me how much you valued the time we spent together.



Then she came.

She saw me bleeding at the wayside


She said nothing.


She cleansed my wounds


She sewed the torn flesh


She bandaged my broken body


She clothed me in her own robe


She fed me…

No message was upon her lips

Save for the warmth of her smile

Reflecting the fire of compassion in her eyes

She held me safe ’til I slept in peace


In her arms


A child again

In silence


Intro Version One (A Poem)

Intro Version One


Permit me

To introduce my self:

I Am


I simply cannot be


You’ll have to look deep inside

To where the real me resides.


My outward form

Is not the norm;

I adapt and change,

A Chameleon

To survive in your world

Or just to cope and “get on”.


Your outside noise

And stimuli

Are simply overwhelming

For me.

I must preserve

Some inner space

Where I can recharge,

Think at my own pace.


Those I trust

I allow within

The walls I’ve build

To keep me sane.

You may visit,


And understanding


Chat for a while,

Perhaps “stay for tea”.


Kindly, please leave again.

But I will stay

I will remain…

…an Introvert.

For that’s my name.





Dawn’s Cupcake Day – April 3rd

I have a very special friend called “Dawn” who knows me rather well.

She knows that I love cards and thoughtfulness.

So look what she made me:

Cupcake Day

Of course, I loved the opportunity to respond in a poem:

It’s Dawn’s Cupcake Day


It’s Dawn’s Cupcake Day

On April the Third

(I don’t know if you’d seen or heard?)


I’m a sparkly Lemon Cupcake

What type are you?

Not just any old type will do!


Some will be strawberry

Some will be iced in pink

Some will be chocolate

It really makes you think!


Choc-chips and walnuts

Banana and Toffee

Hundreds and Thousands

Or Orange and Coffee?


Whichever Cupcake

You choose to be

Know that you’ll always

Be Special to me!

Poem: I Am A Church

Stained Glass Windows at Church of St Simon and St Jude (1)

I Am A Church

My Body is a Church;
My Eyes are Stained Glass,
Etched with Experience,
Coloured by My Past.

They change the way
I perceive the World,
Spied throughout each pane;
I see inside-out with mindsight
Thus my prejudices remain.

Every breath is like my spirit’s prayer,
Every word I say I preach
But sometimes my duplicitous message
Betrays a darker gospel lying deep beneath.

For from My Crypt
A stench arises:
Unresolved conflicts from
Life’s unpleasant surprises.

More bitter than
The taste of Myrrh,
I should blame myself
But I blame her.

Forgiveness could
Lift up my eyes
To whence my help comes from
But I prefer the warmth of lies:
The dark deceiver’s song.

Yet friendship enters
Through my porch
And laughter lights my prison
Loves light brings clarity like a torch
And changes old, poor decisions.

There’s always hope,
There’s alway faith,
There’s always love remaining;
So this poor sinner
Changes his ways –
Casts the burden of life’s straining.

I say, “Yes!” to peace
I say, “Yes!” to rest
And I lay my old yoke down;
With lightness of fresh found freedom
I don a new and glorious crown.

Now each step I take is Service
From Daybreak’s dawn to Eve’s sweet end
Each fast I break – a Communion
With much beloved friends.

I was so…

I was so…

…looking forward
……to my bath
A rare
Time aside
Of late
My thoughts
Have not been good companions.

They gang together
Aghast ganglia
Finding fault
Not a word of comfort
Or encouragement.

I take
From the fact
Many a time
I have switched off
My computer
On a whim
At my will
With a flick
Of my fingertips.

I know where
The switch is.
I can
Turn me off.

Such is power.

I pissed
In your bathwater.
I downgraded
Your Valentine’s
Card + Present.
I have crucified
My love for you
With Christ.
You no longer
Live to me.
The life
You live
In your aging body
You can live
By faith
In someone else.


In Vitro

Or at least

In vitrious china!

It is finished

Poem: Coming Seconds and Seconds Coming

Seconds slip away

Straining to be first;

I am hungry for those seconds

Matched only by my thirst.

…[but for what?]

Each minute can seem huge

When waiting for your touch;

Ours, the precious moments,

Those timely treasures that we clutch.

…[too tightly?]

Dazed, I wander

Where the years have flown;

But none of them are lost

Because of all the memories that I own.

…[and in each revisit, I am enriched, I have captured time.]