Poem: A Legion of Accusers

There’s a Legion of Accusers

Who claim it’s all my fault;

Led by three Chief Demons:

Demons “Should!” and “Must!” and “Ought!”

But I know exactly

What to do with all such swine;

I know the Truth

That’s sets me free

And claim the Inheritance

That’s mine.

I raise a shout:

“Foul Fiends, Get Out!”

Then watch them flee in terror.

When next comes the thought

Of should, must, or ought

I judge my thinking

Quite in error!


1000 Reasons (A Poem for a change)

1000 Reasons

I have 1000 Reasons
Why it someone else’s fault
Yet the chief suspect is plain to see.

I have 10,000 ideas
Of how my life could be better
But clearly the action’s up to me.

If I don’t water my dozen plants
My house-plants wither
And die

I cannot then
Shake my fist at heaven
And shout,
“Why, God, oh why?”

If I don’t clear
My tons of mess
And then bump
Into my clutter

Is there really
Any justification
For those foul words
I mutter?

The answer, friend
Is there for all to see.
If transforming change is to be
It’s clearly starts with me!