No Rail Against Time

Life is like

A one way rail journey

There are many stations

Once one is past

There’s no going back

So learn from it

And move on

Don’t look back

Someone else

Bought your first ticket

And chose your station in life

So remember

It’s OK to get off at a station

And buy a new ticket

To a new destination

The scenery will change

Your fellow passengers will change

You will change

Choose First Class
For it is better to travel well

Than to wait in vain for an upgrade.

Time is the rail




Do not squander it

And remember the final choice:




You are here to pass it on




Find Out

What “It” Is…

The clock is ticking

And you…

…You are a Traveller in Time



Poem: On The Gravity of Sleep

There is a definite

Gravity to Sleep:

I close my eyes,

As if heavy,

And I fall




But Gravity

Can flow both ways:

The weight of worry

Lifts each day

As I ascend

To scenes surreal,

Some nightmarish,

And a few ideal.


I’m often able

To dreamily trace

The associations

I have to face;

The source

Of inspiration

Sometimes clear

Revealed as each

Event appears.


But other links

Lack such connection

As they prophecy

A future direction;

Then I’m tempted

To believe in God,

These future memories

Seem that odd!



Surrealist Poetry? Dali meets Milligan via McKee

Burning Giraffe


Yesterday, I was in a Modernist Gallery in Oxford, viewing a selection of Salvador Dali’s surreal sketches.  I love his work.  One, which I cannot find online yet, was of a bishop throwing a flaming Giraffe from a tower.  I would have liked to have bought it, but only have the bus fare at the moment!

Anyway, some of you will know that I Am the Banana Poet – I write poetry (doggerel usually) on my partner’s banana daily… a delight for her lunch-box and a constant challenge to my creativity.

Today, I was inspired to fuse Spike Milligan’s almost surrealist style with the sketch by Dali that had clearly captured my imagination.

Here is the result:

A Flaming Giraffe

(Just for a laugh)

Was thrown from a tower by the Clergy;

But I think you will find

The Giraffe didn’t mind

‘Cos he’d given the Bishop the lurgy.


A Flaming Giraffe Banana