No Rail Against Time

Life is like

A one way rail journey

There are many stations

Once one is past

There’s no going back

So learn from it

And move on

Don’t look back

Someone else

Bought your first ticket

And chose your station in life

So remember

It’s OK to get off at a station

And buy a new ticket

To a new destination

The scenery will change

Your fellow passengers will change

You will change

Choose First Class
For it is better to travel well

Than to wait in vain for an upgrade.

Time is the rail




Do not squander it

And remember the final choice:




You are here to pass it on




Find Out

What “It” Is…

The clock is ticking

And you…

…You are a Traveller in Time



In The Beginning Is The Why

In the Beginning is The Why

Then the journey – it begins with a dream

The dream becomes a goal

The goal becomes a plan

The plan becomes a set of action steps

The action steps become the cause

Feedback is the effect

Adjustment is the wisdom of response beyond reaction

Actions are the children of each adjustment

And joy is the fuel – passion the key – the offspring and wellspring from the original Why

In the End there is The Result

And so, we begin again.

My Spirit Is A Kite

My Spirit is a Kite

My Spirit is a Kite

And You, My Love, are the gentle breath on the breeze

Whispering to me,

Calling me higher,

Bidding me to soar with you.

But I am Earthbound

The earthen vessel of my body,

Temporary home for my heart.

Let us not yearn too soon for freedom.

My soul is the cord that connects us,

And it is strumming to the beat of your heart.

I can fly high enough in my own way,

A foretaste of that ultimate liberty

That is to come.

[Silent thought: But first, there is work yet left undone.]


Poem: I Am A Church

Stained Glass Windows at Church of St Simon and St Jude (1)

I Am A Church

My Body is a Church;
My Eyes are Stained Glass,
Etched with Experience,
Coloured by My Past.

They change the way
I perceive the World,
Spied throughout each pane;
I see inside-out with mindsight
Thus my prejudices remain.

Every breath is like my spirit’s prayer,
Every word I say I preach
But sometimes my duplicitous message
Betrays a darker gospel lying deep beneath.

For from My Crypt
A stench arises:
Unresolved conflicts from
Life’s unpleasant surprises.

More bitter than
The taste of Myrrh,
I should blame myself
But I blame her.

Forgiveness could
Lift up my eyes
To whence my help comes from
But I prefer the warmth of lies:
The dark deceiver’s song.

Yet friendship enters
Through my porch
And laughter lights my prison
Loves light brings clarity like a torch
And changes old, poor decisions.

There’s always hope,
There’s alway faith,
There’s always love remaining;
So this poor sinner
Changes his ways –
Casts the burden of life’s straining.

I say, “Yes!” to peace
I say, “Yes!” to rest
And I lay my old yoke down;
With lightness of fresh found freedom
I don a new and glorious crown.

Now each step I take is Service
From Daybreak’s dawn to Eve’s sweet end
Each fast I break – a Communion
With much beloved friends.

Poem: A Legion of Accusers

There’s a Legion of Accusers

Who claim it’s all my fault;

Led by three Chief Demons:

Demons “Should!” and “Must!” and “Ought!”

But I know exactly

What to do with all such swine;

I know the Truth

That’s sets me free

And claim the Inheritance

That’s mine.

I raise a shout:

“Foul Fiends, Get Out!”

Then watch them flee in terror.

When next comes the thought

Of should, must, or ought

I judge my thinking

Quite in error!