Thwarted – a poem

After another terrible night of mental chatter I seemingly have no control over, I penned these lines to the fanatic in my attic.
A Poem Called “Thwarted”
If my will, will not be done
My co-operation cannot be won.
If I don’t get the sleep I so desperately require,
You cannot have the support you so casually desire.
Quid pro quo? No?
Well then, off you [insert your own expletive] go!
There’s some nutter in my head that is not me.
When will I be free?

Poem: Discovering the Kingdom

In the Spring of My Life

I knew it all!

(With no awareness

Of the coming Fall)…


Then Summer came

And I began to doubt

As all Life’s contradictions

Confronted and

Came out…


Only in the Fall

Does it all begin to make sense;

Now I can see the boundaries

And stop sitting on the fence.


So as the Winter of my life draws near

The occluding mists of Spring and Summer have cleared,

The Autumn fog at long last departs

And I can finally see clearly in my heart.


Yes, the Kingdom is within.

The Bullfrog and the Butterfly


My conscious mind

Is a butterfly

It flits from thought to thought

Sometimes it flits when it should be asleep:

There’s a lesson it must be taught.


My bigger mind’s a bullfrog

It sits deep within the dark damp soil

There, it prefers the peace and quiet and still

It spurns the temptation to endless, fruitless toil.


The butterfly thinks this

The butterfly think that

It thinks of things that must be done

Like Christmas Cards and Tax.

It thinks of things at 4am

When the bullfrog thinks, “Be quiet!”

The bullfrog opens wide his mouth,

And smiles,

“I’ll quell its thinking riot!”


“My great long tongue…

…will stop his fun,”

The bullfrog yawns with glee.

And thus the butterfly meets its end

In a bullfrog’s vast tummy.



Or does it?

Now, I have butterflies in my tummy!