No Rail Against Time

Life is like

A one way rail journey

There are many stations

Once one is past

There’s no going back

So learn from it

And move on

Don’t look back

Someone else

Bought your first ticket

And chose your station in life

So remember

It’s OK to get off at a station

And buy a new ticket

To a new destination

The scenery will change

Your fellow passengers will change

You will change

Choose First Class
For it is better to travel well

Than to wait in vain for an upgrade.

Time is the rail




Do not squander it

And remember the final choice:




You are here to pass it on




Find Out

What “It” Is…

The clock is ticking

And you…

…You are a Traveller in Time



The Game of Life

I see “Hope”

…Sun-bright on the Sea’s Horizon

……As I sit here seeking

………to understand and know

…………the Seasons’ flow

from a fixed point of focus.

Time has no ebb

…but it most definitely flows

……on relentless

………neither forgiving

…………nor judging

Just being.

Since I cannot change time,

nor turn back time,

nor live this moment again;

Today, I choose

to begin being,

to get in the flow

With Time

…that I might


………and win

The Game…

…The Game of Life!

Poem: From Another Place

Another Place


I’m sure I come from another place…

Where money’s not important

Nor the colour of your face.

I think I’ll drive at a different pace…

70mph is quite enough

I’ve no need to join this race.

I believe I’m from another faith…

With brothers and sisters equal

Full of love and grace.

And, of course, I am from another time…

When to pause and do precisely nothing

Was a virtue, not a crime.

Poem: Coming Seconds and Seconds Coming

Seconds slip away

Straining to be first;

I am hungry for those seconds

Matched only by my thirst.

…[but for what?]

Each minute can seem huge

When waiting for your touch;

Ours, the precious moments,

Those timely treasures that we clutch.

…[too tightly?]

Dazed, I wander

Where the years have flown;

But none of them are lost

Because of all the memories that I own.

…[and in each revisit, I am enriched, I have captured time.]