No Rail Against Time

Life is like

A one way rail journey

There are many stations

Once one is past

There’s no going back

So learn from it

And move on

Don’t look back

Someone else

Bought your first ticket

And chose your station in life

So remember

It’s OK to get off at a station

And buy a new ticket

To a new destination

The scenery will change

Your fellow passengers will change

You will change

Choose First Class
For it is better to travel well

Than to wait in vain for an upgrade.

Time is the rail




Do not squander it

And remember the final choice:




You are here to pass it on




Find Out

What “It” Is…

The clock is ticking

And you…

…You are a Traveller in Time



In The Beginning Is The Why

In the Beginning is The Why

Then the journey – it begins with a dream

The dream becomes a goal

The goal becomes a plan

The plan becomes a set of action steps

The action steps become the cause

Feedback is the effect

Adjustment is the wisdom of response beyond reaction

Actions are the children of each adjustment

And joy is the fuel – passion the key – the offspring and wellspring from the original Why

In the End there is The Result

And so, we begin again.

The Game of Life

I see “Hope”

…Sun-bright on the Sea’s Horizon

……As I sit here seeking

………to understand and know

…………the Seasons’ flow

from a fixed point of focus.

Time has no ebb

…but it most definitely flows

……on relentless

………neither forgiving

…………nor judging

Just being.

Since I cannot change time,

nor turn back time,

nor live this moment again;

Today, I choose

to begin being,

to get in the flow

With Time

…that I might


………and win

The Game…

…The Game of Life!

Pupils WIDE Open


Pupils W-I-D-E Open

The Caterpillar cried, “It’s the End of the World!”

The Butterfly sighed, “It’s the Beginning!”

The Caterpillar spat, “You’re mad and deranged!”

The Butterfly said then, “Just kidding!”

For when the student is ready,

The Master will appear.

But until that time arrives

You’d better not be clear!


Talk in parables and rhymes

In riddles and in stories

Or you’re words will be judged as crimes

Begetting hate, not glory.

Best to keep one’s mouth shut

In the presence of the ‘deaf’

For only when their ears are opened

Can you bring them life, not death.

Never force feed the satiated

Their glass not half but full

For they will rend you in an instant

Declaring you, “The Fool!”

You can tell when they are ready

By a twinkle in their eye

Only then, can you share reality

The Truth, and not their Lie.

Oh, half the World’s in darkness

The other in The Light

But which half’s which is tricky

Not clear as Day and Night.

I know those souls who are waiting

They’re often drawn to me

Their pupils anticipating

The words that set them free.

Seeking Revelation?

Then read behind my lines.

For hidden betwixt the syllables

Your lesson you will find.

But if you’re yet happy with your life

There’s no need to seek a pearl

Just soldier on until you twig

It’s the Ending of Your World!


My Spirit Is A Kite

My Spirit is a Kite

My Spirit is a Kite

And You, My Love, are the gentle breath on the breeze

Whispering to me,

Calling me higher,

Bidding me to soar with you.

But I am Earthbound

The earthen vessel of my body,

Temporary home for my heart.

Let us not yearn too soon for freedom.

My soul is the cord that connects us,

And it is strumming to the beat of your heart.

I can fly high enough in my own way,

A foretaste of that ultimate liberty

That is to come.

[Silent thought: But first, there is work yet left undone.]


Poem: Matter Over Mind

Matter over mind?

Or mind over matter?

I am energised by the first,

I am enervated by the latter!

All this thinking wears my insides out

The joy of thought grows thin,

I think I’ll try another way

And let the outside in.


A body of knowledge

Can trump and lift the soul

Breaking despair’s spell

And making us more whole…

Well, at least with the body’s help

The journey can begin

To triumph over darker moods

And let some sunshine in.


Assume the position:

Lift up your hands,

Lift up your chin and eyes;

Let the body lead

Where the soul should follow:

Prepare to be surprised!

For the mind’s rehearsed

Each gesture’s meaning

It interprets your body’s speech;

So if you move

As if you’re joyful

That joy‘s within your reach.


Your soma remembers the golden times

Your muscles recall the story

So when you mirror that mnemonic posture

Your mind will return to glory!





Poet’s Note.

I’ve taught for years that changing one’s physical position necessarily transforms one’s mental ‘position’.  This is irresistible since other neural pathways are automatically triggered when we change our body language.  More than this, though, there is a body of teaching that encourages us to act ‘as if’.  Today I saw that in terms of a kinaethetic memory.  Mind and body are one system.  If you feel low, your body knows what that should look like and so it assumes the correct stance!  Changing your stance (physically) works the other way too, matter over mind, where you will change your mental stance in the metamorphic mirror of the dance of mind and matter.